It is now 2008, and unfortunately the United States is still a member of the World Trade Organization.  We lost the battle to defeat CAFTA.  It took a lot of underhanded dealings to get the CAFTA bill passed.  

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We are in the end game of the battle for our Health Freedom Rights.  This is a time that so many swore would never come.  Well, here it is, waiting to slam the door on our choices!  Choices that enable us to take care of our health in ways that do no harm, while still being affordable and highly effective!

Most of you do not realize, nor can you begin to comprehend the bottom line.  It is profit --- NOT facilitating preventive maintenance or safe healing.  These methods DO keep one coming back with a multitude of side effects, necessitating more appointments to receive further medication for treatments. 

I can hear your thoughts echoing so many comments told to me over the years: "This is nuts, you're talking about our health.  Our doctors want to heal and help us, not focus on their profits."

Please stop and think about it.  Do they willingly let this cash cow disappear?  This self perpetuating industry, that keeps you coming back for more, and more, and more?   This practice becomes clearer when you realize it is "THE" very protocol that has been so deeply ingrained over their many years of training.  While your doctors are certainly well intentioned, they, like so many other professionals, function within the known paradigm of their training.   So many have  come to the profession of healing with the desire to make a difference and save lives, but unfortunately find their hands tied professionally by insurance companies and managed care.  Only with the loss of their revenue to alternative care, are curriculums competitively expanding to make them  more "conversant" with these more desirable treatment choices. Please pay attention to language here; "conversant," does not mean "fully trained." 

Ten weekend courses in "Herbs, Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy" cannot prepare a medical professional for serious application of these subtle and complex  alternatives for patient care. 

There are obviously exceptions of medical doctors who DO undertake the intensive, necessary training in many other areas and they can be readily found in organizations like A.C.A.M. and Orthomed.  (See links below and on home page) 

Many of you remember the television program, "Marcus Welby, M.D.  He epitomized the caring physician who went that extra mile to find what was best for his patients.  In all fairness to your doctors now, Marcus Welby did NOT have his hours tied up with endless paperwork demanded by HMOs and managed care.  This is what happens when your doctor must justify a treatment he decides to be NECESSARY for a patient, even though the previously mentioned companies have specific guidelines for diseases and care that do not treat the individual, but the statistics.

If  your best interests were being served by the medical profession, you would not have such great difficulty locating alternative treatment.    The majority of insurance companies have not recognized these modalities.  Some progress has finally begun with these companies, but most still require that difficult to obtain doctor's referral enabling you to get a second opinion from an alternative care practitioner.  Quite the "Catch 22."

I have received many emails asking for clarification of the "" explanation of Codex.   Now, when you have a website that is supposed to give the bottom line on urban legends and internet rumors, their position is very distressing.  They seem to be cut from that "Big Pharma" cloth, spouting the party line.  For the most concise rebuttal, please read the following from John Hammell at: 

This is from an interview in the archives at John's web site:

Vitamins will not be removed from the US market in June.  Here is John's explanation from the above linked archive:   [1/11/06 JOHN HAMMELL WAS SHOWN NOT TO BE AN ALARMIST AND ACCURATE IN PRESENTING CLEAR INFORMATION]

A statement was made in error as follows:

"In June 2005 the USA will be forced to accept Codex regulation of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements: False.

"IAHF: This IS false, but I never said vitamins would be banned in the USA
in June of 2005, Wallace Heath said that due to not having all his facts straight, What I have been telling people is that between July 4th and 9th 2005 the 28th General Session of the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission will be held in Rome, Italy and a highly draconian global trade standard for vitamins and minerals will be ratified at that time unless a last ditch global campaign to stop this criminal agenda succeeds.

"Unless we succeed in stopping this, the USA would be set up to lose in a
future WTO trade dispute as a result of which Congress would be forced via the threat of cross sector sanctioning to harmonize our supplement laws to the Codex standard or huge sanctions could be levied against broad sectors of our economy. At the same time this is happening, huge domestic attacks are occurring against the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, with the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences being joined by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in calling for the Repeal of DSHEA.

"This attack is not happening in a vacuum, its part of a broader global pattern of pharma attack against the natural supplements industry which I've been documenting since I created IAHF in '96 to catalyze awareness of this complex issue."

For those of you unfamiliar with the history of Codex, please go to the history page at this website, as well as checking the website of the Alliance for Natural Health:  

Be sure to go to the website for International Advocates for Health Freedom

Many of you do not understand the impact trade agreements like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) impose on our own government.  What follows are examples given by John Hammell:

"An example of the WTO forcing our Congress to change a law happened just prior to the recent US Presidential election when the WTO ruled that US Tariffs protecting our steel industry were illegal under international law. We lost in a trade dispute over this, and the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body told Bush that unless Congress scrapped the tariff that they'd begin imposing trade sanctions beginning with Florida Citrus Growers...... (Gee- guess where Bush needed votes?) 

"We're up against a mechanized system of international coercion. If we can't protect an industry as important as our STEEL INDUSTRY what makes people think we can protect ANY of our industries including our dietary supplement industry?

The supplements to be removed are the most bio-available, natural forms of many vitamins and minerals.  The low dose synthetic replacements are NOT equivalent.  Lower dose, less effective products will be sold at higher prices.   This is BIG business with plans to keep growing at OUR expense.

Please support John Hammell,  President of International Advocate for Health Freedom and the following groups in their fight to PROTECT OUR HEALTH FREEDOM RIGHTS!   Do not buy the information put out there by alarmist groups to desensitize you to these issues by focusing on fear.  Be aware of the hidden interests of the groups that tell you there is no cause for concern.

John Hammell, International Advocates for Health has been protecting our rights for over 10 years! 

The Alliance for Natural Health is fighting at the forefront against these rulings in their legal battle. 

The Coalition for Heath Freedom has many members working diligently in this battle: 


We still have a chance! 




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