Danger to Large Breed Dogs

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he European Union is not only dictating regulations for nutritional supplements. 

There is a witch hunt going on that targets large breed dogs. Fortunately, there is an organization that is working diligently to call attention to the fact that the law must 

                                                                             "Punish the deed and not the breed."

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to learn more and help all breeds.

While here in the United States:

The City of Auburn, Washington, plans to vote in a new ordinance that will arbitrarily make ALL DOGS over 30 pounds "potentially dangerous." The vote is scheduled for MONDAY, 4/19/04!

The proposed ordinance goes far beyond any reasonable definition of ³
dangerous.² As examples, under the proposed 6.35.010 (2), the following would make a dog ³dangerous²:

* The owner of any dog, regardless of weight, knows or should have known
that the dog endangered the safety of a domestic animal.

* The dog weighs more than thirty pounds and is found at large.

* The dog weighs over thirty pounds and it ³caused concern² for the safety
of another dog or cat.

The "dangerous" designation invokes a requirement of a $250,000 bond or
insurance policy. In practice, this is virtually impossible to comply with, at least at a reasonable cost. (I only know of one source, a company in Florida that insures lions, tigers, bears and elephants for the circus. It is VERY expensive). The result will be dead dogs, dogs on "death row," lawsuits, and agony for owners of dogs that pose no real threat to public safety.


A scanned and OCR'd a copy of the proposed ordinance (provided by the
Auburn City Attorney's office). It can be viewed at:

or accessed as a MS Word file at:

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