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Norovirus Update
by Dr. Robin Falkov

Norovirus was clearly identified with the development of PCR testing, (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction)in the early 1990's. 

Noroviruses are recognized as the most common cause of gastroenteritis today.  There are thousands of strains of noroviurs which have been classified into 5 genogroups.  Don't want to get too technical here. In 1929, "winter vomiting disease" seems to be the first reported case. Bear in mind, only 30 years ago, there was ONE strain discovered.  This virus is found in cows, pigs, mice, and with antibodies to bovine strains found in humans.  This raises the concern for crossover diseases from animals to different species and humans.

Foodborne illnesses are supposed to be declining with improved refrigeration and the use  of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point systems to reduce animal contamination.  We all remember the recent e. coli contamination of the summer of 2006.  All consumers must be ever vigilant about the importation of food products from countries that use pesticides that are banned in the U.S.A.  Remember, imported meats have often been long sold in the marketplace after analysis for contamination is completed.

Norovirus contamination of food may be transmitted by food handlers or at the source.  Norovirus can be spread by water, direct person-to-person contact, or airborne droplets of vomitus.  Despite efforts for disinfection, they can persist in the environment as a direct source of continuing infection.

Try to buy organic produce where possible.  Look for animal products free of recombinant bovine growth hormones and antibiotic usage.  Learn about the food source for animal products.  Trader Joe's is good source for many of these items at reasonable prices.  As the demand goes up, the prices will drop. 

1. country of origin
2. feed products for animals
3. listing of pesticides used


Not very encouraging.  Apply these basics:

1. Wash your hands frequently (do not use antibacterial soaps regularly, they promote bacterial resistance.)
2. Wash all produce thoroughly
3. Wash all counters between preparation of animal, vegetable and fruit products.
4. Wash all cooking utensils before preparing a different item.
5. Be sure to thoroughly cook animal products.
6. Do not defrost food outside the refrigerator as this permits rapid bacterial growth.
7. In public bathrooms take the paper towel first and hold aside, then wash hands and use the towel to turn off the water faucet.

Read all labels thoroughly!  Know what chemicals you are spraying in your environment, using on the floor, washing your clothes in and the toiletries you are using on your body!


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