What EVERY Home Needs!
What EVERY Home Needs! - Easy Protection that fits in a pocket!

The key to good health is our commitment to work together!

You must be an active participant in your care.


We all must cover the basics:

Good quality water to drink, cook and bathe with in your home and to take with you.

A good night of sleep -- ideally 8 hours

A healthy diet of fresh fruit and produce, organic when possible

Hormone and antibiotic free meats, poultry and eggs.

Wild caught fish, not farm raised.

Eliminate ideally, or limit prepared and processed foods.

Make an effort not to have sugar several hours before bedtime.  Sleep is the time for repair and sugar will depress immune system function.

If you love sweet flavors, buy Stevia Rebaudiana.  You can get a plant, packets, powder or liquid.  Let me know if your stores do not carry it, it can also be ordered.

Please cook for your pets -- why risk their lives with commercial products. I will be happy to assist with recipes and information!


I am delighted to present Aeon Botanica - the cleanest line of lotions and creams that I have found to date.  They are rapidly absorbed with many therapeutic properties, to which I can attest from my own experience. 

Please check the site and carefully read about the highest quality ingredients that are used.

These products are definitely - What Every Home Needs!

ÆÔÑ Botanica


Due to the large number of requests for ordering products, I am making this information directly available to you, so that you can save money to have better health.   especially their own NSI line to  order bulk herbs, spices and more when you join or form a buying club with your neighbors and friends to get wholesale prices.

If you are happy saving money at these low prices, your donation to Health Freedom Rights will be welcomed.  Or just use the savings to get more healthy products! - paypal account
or  mail to:

Dr. Robin Falkov

P.O. Box 22008

Albuquerque, NM 87154



When the Bubonic Plague broke out in the Middle Ages, some very wise theives knew about Essential Oils and their protective powers.   They used a mix of lemon, thyme and other oils to protect themselves so they were able to rob the dead bodies of those who died from the extremely contagious plague! 
I highly recommend that you carry the small half ounce bottle where ever you go!  That way, if someone sneezes or coughs, you can sprinkle a few drops on your hands to inhale and then wipe a few drops under your nose.  Repeat as needed.
We just came back from filming segments for the coming 2012 special that NBC's SciFi channel will air in early November.   From Mexico City and Teotihuacan we went to Guatemala City and Tikal.  I will soon be posting pictures from these amazing, sacred sites!
The trip began 4/20/09 and we returned 4/29/09 --- you got it -we were traveling when the overhyped Swine Flu outbreak was supposed to have begun.
We are fine -- and you can be sure that we used Medieval Oil!! 
Please contact me to purchase this highly effective product for only $10.99, plus shipping.
Be safe and be smart --- this one is easy!
 OSCILLOCOCCINUM Flu Remedy by Boiron
This is the product to keep in your pocket or handbag to be used at the FIRST sign of flu or cold symptoms -- runny nose, itchy eyes, cough, fever, achiness, etc.
Remember, this must be used with the FIRST symptoms.
You can stretch the tiny pellets for more treatments by using the tiny cap as a measure.  Place that small amount under your tongue and let them dissolve.  Be sure that you have not drank, smoked or eaten for at least 30 minutes before, and at least 30 minutes after taking.  Repeat the same dose and procedure in 6 hours and then the last dose in 6 hours.
The product recommendation is to use 1 vial for the first treatment and the 2 following.  Homepathic remedies work by stimulating the immune system.  Taking more is not going to be better.  The repetition of small amounts is what assists the body to clear the initial viral effects. 
Why waste your money?  One treatment vial can provide 6 doses -- which means it will treat 2 different exposures to flu.  If you buy a pack of 3, which the label will say provides treatment for 1 exposure, you stretch that pact to treat 6 exposures!
Oscillococcinum 3 pack                                    
Oscillococcinum 6 pack                                      
CLEANWELL Essential Oil Sanitizers
This product comes in packaged hand wipes, sprays and foaming hand washes.  I carry the hand wipes in my bag and pack them and a hand spray in luggage when traveling!  
Handwashing is critically important .  These products fill the gap when you are not near water. 
Cleanwell uses essential oils that give the same protection as the chemical, drying, toxic sprays and washes.
Hand Sanitizing Pack of 20 Individual Wipes  
Hand Sanitizing Wipes 8 packs, 10 in each           
Hand Sanitizer Spray 4 oz.                                
Hand Sanitizer Spray 6 oz.                                
Foam wash Ginger/Bergamot 9.5 oz.                 
Foam wash Lavender 9.5 oz.                            
Foam wash Orange/Vanilla 9.5 oz.                  
Remember, there is no excuse to not have the hand wipe, Medieval oil and a vial of Oscillococcinum in your pocket.
The other products that I recommend are:
Vit. C with Citrus Bioflavinoids
Olive Leaf  - capsules, extract or tea
Osha/Mormon Tea
Maitake Mushroom
Goldenseal ( check with your health care practitioner if there is a history of liver disease)
N-Acetyl Cysteine

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