Treat Flu & Colds

Dr. Falkov's recommendations for treating flus and colds!
They really work if you use them!!

How to protect yourself from colds and flus- Dr. Falkov's Recommendations -  Please share my info and website:

 Oscillococcinum by Boiron for flu and colds.  Must be taken at the FIRST sign of symptoms - burning eyes, sniffly, cough, etc.  Once into the symptoms it does not work. Take a small capful under the tongue.  They recommend the whole vial to make more money

 You can even take 2 of the capfuls using the stopper in the vial to measure.  Do not eat or drink or smoke for and hour -if you want to really cover bases or 30 min.   The small pack has three vials.  you can stretch your money and make each vial good for one treatment to avoid getting sick.  That means you have 3 separate treatments

Yin Chiao is a Chinese remedy for when you have the symptoms and are into it.  Folow the recommendations .. There are many different formulas out there for it.

 Also - when infection is present or just to cover more bases  Vit A 10,000 i.u. as long as you do not have a fish allergy.  Take that 3x aday

Vit D3  5,000 i.u 3x a day as long as you do not have kidney issues.  Be sure to talk with K complex as long as you do not have kidney or clotting problems

N-Acetyl Cysteine for sniffles and congestion - helps both ways.  Steam with plain water, eyes closed.  Boil water, place towel under pot, place big towel loosely over your head, leaning over the pot.  Close the opening more as you get comfortable with the steam.  Take you time to adjust.   3 - 5 min to start is fine.  Repeat it and work up to 5 min and more if you like.

 Being alkaline helps healing - you can take a 1/4 tsp of Bob's Red Mills baking soda, aluminum free in 8oz of water.   Can do it 2x a day.

Also - be sure to carry with you, Medieval Oil - small bottle of essential oil at a smaller price. take a few drops, rub it on the bottom of your palms, cup your hands together and inhale.

Great on planes., elevators and other closed areas with sneezers and snifflers or just precautionary.

 Also, kyolic aged garlic has many formulas, all useful for the immune system.

There are affordable nebulizers.  Very effective but MUST BE USED & MAINTAINED PROPERLY.  Homeopathics work well and safety with proper use.

 Please make sure you do have these things on hand for when you may need them and are traveling.  The medieval oil will fit in your pocket along with the oscillococcinum.

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