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11/13/09  my guest was Katherine Albrecht of:  11 – 12:30 pm  PT               
We discussed the use of microchips in pets and people, as well as how to protect your privacy.
Matthew Socie, was my guest from 12:30 pm PT to 2pm PT.  Matt is a young man, doing very big things.  It is my pleasure to be able to introduce Matt, who will share the successful results of his work as an activist.  You can find Matthew on Facebook at:     "The Global Non-Compliance Center"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 on Rumor Mill News Radio, I  interviewed  Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder of the National Vaccine Information Center :  at 11 am PT, 2pm ET for one hour.  Find out what YOU can do to make a difference and how to make sure that "We The People" have our rights protected.

Neil Miller, Director of the ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute will follow for the next hour:                  Learn the truth about Gardesil and many other dangerous vaccines.



This is Dr. Robin Falkov. Please be sure to listen to my interview with Sally and Jerry on Radio RMN, today, September 3, at noon PT, 3pm ET until 2 pm PT,  5p, ET.


I know that many of you out there working in health care environments have come in contact with the toxic chemical Cidex. Its main ingredient is Glutaraldehyde.


First symptoms are skin rash, asthma, fatigue, sleeplessness, nausea and burning throat. It pains me to hear the story of my guest today, who has been exposed to this toxic chemical for far too many years without being advised of the NECESSARY precautions that must be taken when using this dangerous disinfectant.


Sally is a warm and compassionate lady who has not let the devastation that has changed her life, make her a bitter person. She worked as a dedicated nurse for 24 years. Sally certainly deserves to have her medical expenses covered and the right to proper legal recourse. I know both she and her husband Jerry, hope that there are others out there who will now know why they are sick, after hearing this program.


We have such a wonderful family of readers and listeners here. This is a story that will touch us all. There is no reason for Sally to be ill with so many health concerns, that she is unable to work. All of her problems could have, and should have been prevented.


So I ask you all, if you know of anyone who works in a hospital or medical office and they have told you that they haven't been feeling well, tell them this story.


Together we can make a difference and save others from needless pain and suffering.


United We Stand --- Divided We Fall




Please join us and be sure to call in with your questions to 888-747-1968 for Radio RMN!


8/7/09 @  Links to below shows coming soon


How To Get a Health Product To Market - Swine Flu - Gardesil - We're Talking About it All, Today on

Hello Everyone,

It is my pleasure to introduce you all to a very special, accomplished and well respected lady, Amber Needham. I have known Amber for way over 20 years. We met back in the early days of the Life Extension Foundation. Amber was the go-to lady back then for all the important research - she still is now!

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Amber will be with us for the whole show from 11am PT, 2pm ET to 2pm PT, 5pm ET. We will be happy to take you calls.

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United We Stand --- Divided We Fall


Here's a little more about my friend, Amber!

Amber is a certified nutritionist and a supplement veteran with over 25 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry.

Amber has served in roles ranging from sales and marketing to product development, website development, research support, and program development. She has also acted as a doctor liaison, research archivist, and public relations specialist. She has worked for years with magazine and book publications.

Amber has worked with leading industry attorneys on a variety of issues relating to the dietary supplement industry but focuses mainly on FDA/FTC compliance issues. Amber's background includes significant experience with the Life Extension Foundation.

Amber’s main philosophy in life is found in the 2nd commandment, do unto others as you would have them do to you. Amber is a mother of 7 and grandmother of 4, lives with her husband and 5 children and many animals on their small farm.

Dr. Falkov interviews Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD

11 am -1 pm PT --- 2 - 4 pm ET


More Vaccine information at:


8/5/09 Dr. David Getoff of The Price Pottenger Foundation  on -

October 27, 2009  - John P. Toth, M.D., George Gaboury, President of the San Francsicso Tesla Society, and Frank Cuny of California Citizens For Health.
We will be discussing Health Care Activism, including work that is... under way right now to change Ca. laws and enable Alternative Health Care Practitioners to be able to practice.  Let's make this a reality in every state!