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Radio RMN    Friday 5/25/12  11-2pm Pacific, 2-5pm Eastern

Occupy Everywhere is over 2946 Cities Strong Around the World.  Come Join Us!

Today's show is about you and me, all of us!   I want to hear from YOU!  Tell me what is on your mind, what your concerns are.

Call in to speak with us:
888-747-1968 or 208-935-0655

Watch the Global Revolution LiveStream of Occupy Wall Street and events around the world

Updates in health and politics will be covered.  Please keep in mind that the first group to stand up and help those with foreclosure problems has been the people in the Occupy Movement.  They have turned out in large numbers and stood in solidarity in front of these homes.

We want callers from ALL the Occupy sites and ALL of you who want to share what you think.

Please view my interview with Kevin Moore for his television show in the U.K.  It will answer many of your questions about Light Emitting Diode Technology.  I hope to hear from you so I may provide even more information.


MC has an enormous undertaking to report on today. 
WE the people are watching, waiting and joined in solidarity around the world! 
WE the people support those in Greece to take the first step to say no to the European Union and no to the Euro.  Countries throughout Europe must regain their independence and their monetary systems!

The world is watching as events take place in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Egypt, Canada, the USA and more.  

The Euro is in BIG trouble!!

Is this what is necessary to prepare for the Olympics???? Hmmmmm....

A History of the European Union

MC graduated from Deree College with a B.A. in Marketing, Advertising and Consumer behaviour.  Below is a very brief background:


In the last hour of the show we will be joined by Patrick Hennessey, Jennifer Young and Otto Peace.  They are reporting in from The Magical Love Bus that will be traveling across the USA, sharing love, information, education and more!

Be sure to check their websites below so that you can meet up with them as they travel from Coast to Coast!!