Basic Protocols and Preparations for Ebola

Please keep in mind this reply is not comprehensive.  More research and information is needed to be reviewed.  This was written in response to a request for my thoughts about this Fox article:


The way to deal with an epidemic is accountability and identification of risk factors.  All persons arriving from the affected areas need to be tracked and monitored for the up to almost 4 week incubation period.  I have extended the time for those potential anomalies that just might go beyond the stated 3 week period.


All patients going to the ER must be screened at the entrance and asked if they or anyone they have come in contact with has recently travelled outside the US.  Those who have, need to be isolated.  Obviously, this makes for more work and more isolation units.  The payoff will be the ability to restrict exposure for others.


Airports and airlines, must have surgical moisture barrier masks and latex/latex free gloves for ALL the passengers on a plane in case symptoms appear during travel. 


Travel on buses and trains must also have the necessary above mentioned supplies available.


Sanitizing hand wash must also be available.


Barrier curtains must be available on all flights in the case of these developments..


Ultra violet light wands need to be available to help with decontamination of surfaces on planes and in hospitals.  Low power laser light as shown positive results as well.


Protective suits must be available for the crew who will attend these passengers with symptoms that may develop.


Please remember that air is recirculated on planes and more sophisticated air filtration systems and scrubbers must be used.


1-  bear in mind that MSM(mainstream media) has stated over and over and over how the airlines have received all the necessary protocols from the CDC . Uh -- NO- not all the airlines have received that info.  They sure will now.


2-  In your Fox article they state that:

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital had a plan in place as stated by epidemiologist Dr. Edward Goodman.  There was a crisis preparedness meeting on week before the patient arrived .


3.      Obviously the staff must not have been paying attention because one of the ER nurses, claims to have asked the patient on his first visit if he had travelled outside the country.  He said, “yes,” that he had been in Liberia.  This nurse neglected to enter the info on the chart or inform other medical personnel.  The patient was discharged with a useless prescription for antibiotics.  When he returned again, they realized this error as his symptoms were full blown.


Isolation is of critical importance. 

Education is of critical importance.

Preparedness is of critical importance.


All of the above underline the old adage,  “One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”


Outstanding information in the below article about the use of light for disinfection and destruction of viral intergrity .


Part of my initial consultation with ALL patients, includes the question: “Have you traveled outside the country recently or has anyone you have come in contact with?”


This is of critical importance because there are many parasitic, viral and other disease endemic to those other regions.  It saves time when there are unusual presentations that may appear to be more difficult to identify.


Dr. Robin Falkov