Richard C. Hoagland, former Science Advisor to Walter Cronkite at CBS news during the Apollo Missions, NASA consultant, Consulting Producer of the NBC SyFy special

"2012, Startling New Secrets";jsessionid=11EE2AB1D2472E2BFAF6E241B265176F

author of

"Monuments on Mars, A City on the Edge of Forever"

"Dark Mission, The Secret History of NASA" with co-author Mike Bara

Science Advisor to Coast to Coast AM

Recipient of the prestigious Angstrom Award

and so much more!

Get the inside scoop on the special event this Sunday where Richard, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, discuss Disclosure and so much more.  Everyone has a chance to call in and see the live video feed!


Richard and I will both be giving presentations on the Cruise Into 2012

March 5 - 12, 2011

to the Mexican Riviera

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7 days to attend presentations given by cutting edge speakers

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